Stave Mill StoneWith our visibly superior quality, StavemillStone is the preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners.

Our process pairs the use of handcrafted molds with natural color palettes to create a veneer with all of the refined variation and distinction of real stone. The warmth and visible richness of our stone allows for the creation of unique spaces with a sense of permanence, romance, and beauty. Only from StavemillStone, the most natural and believable architectural stone veneer.

Natural Designs & Details

  • Colors Are Artisan Applied & Integrated Into The Surface
  • Oxide Minerals Used For Coloring – Same Way Colors Are Created In Quarried/Natural Stone
  • Colored Concrete Core – Chips Blend Into The Face Naturally
  • Each Style Is Produced From Over 100 Square Feet of Mold
  • Complete The Design With Corners & Accessories

Our manufactured stone veneer is created using molds cast from real stone, making it more lightweight than and just as durable as natural stone. With the extra weight from natural stone, wall ties and footings may be required, increasing installation cost and difficulty. StavemillStone makes installations more cost effective and easier than using traditional stone. Due to the lighter weight of architectural stone veneer, our product is also designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces. From small, interior, residential remodels to large, exterior, commercial projects, StavemillStone fits nearly any building plan and can be applied, with the proper preparation, to any structurally sound surface.

Easy To Install

  • Thinner & Lighter Than Other Stone Veneers
  • Brick Ledge Is Not Necessary – Light Enough To Hang From Wall Surface
  • Low Cost Delivery
  • Local Pick Up Available